1. After the Sands: Energy & Ecological Security for Canadians [Book] 

Madeira Park, BC: 

Douglas & McIntyre, 2015 

Available for purchase - Click here

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2. Open for Business: The Roots of Foreign Ownership in Canada [Book]


Oxford University Press, 1989


3.  "Class, Nationality and the Roots of the Branch Plant Economy" [Peer-Reviewed Article]
Studies in Political Economy 21, pps 7-56
Autumn 1986 

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4. “Solidarity in the Age of Globalization: Lessons from the anti-MAI and 

Zapatista Struggles” [Peer-Reviewed Article]

Co-authored with Josée Johnston

Theory and Society, Vol. 32 Issue 1. Feb.  2003. pp. 1-53

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5.  "The Movement that Dare not Speak its Name. The Return of Left Nationalism / Internationalism" [Peer-Reviewed Article] 

Alternatives. Global, Local, Political 26, 2001. pp. 1-32.

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6.  "Popular National Sovereignty and the US Empire" [Peer-Reviewed Article] 

Journal of World-Systems Research XI, 2, December 2005. pp. 317-353.

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7.  "Alberta's Sands, Staples, and Traps"

Progressive Economics Forum, The Staple Theory @ 50

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8.  "Global Civil Society and Its Limits"

Co-edited with Sandra Halperin

Houndsmill UK: Palgrave Macmillan, May 2003

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9.  "Social Solidarity, Democracy, and Global Capitalism" [Peer-Reviewed Article]
Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 32.3, August 1995. 287-314

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10.  "On Suppressed historical possibilities" [Peer-Reviewed Article]
A reply to the Canadian Journal of Sociology Symposium on my book Open for Business
Canadian Journal of Sociology, Vol. 15, No 3, Summer 1990 pp. 345-353

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11.  "The Schizophrenic Character of Canadian Political Economy" [Peer-Reviewed Article]
Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology. 26:1, Fe-89, pp. 178-192

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12.  "Foriegn Ownership and Myths About Canadian Development" [Peer-Reviewed Article]
Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 22:3, August 1985. pp. 311-345

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13.  "Introduction to the Special Issue on Globalisation" [Peer-Reviewed Article]

Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 32.3 Au-95, pp. 247-251

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14.  "Radical Transformative Nationalisms Confront the US Empire" [Peer-Reviewed Article]

Current Sociology, March 2003, Vol. 51 (2):131-149

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15.  "Perspectives on Canadian Economic Development"

Class, Staples, Gender and Elites, Toronto: Oxford University Press, 361 pps

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16.  "Not for Sale, Decommodifying Public Life"

Co-Edited with Dennis Soron

Peterborough Ontario: Broadview Press, (now U of T Press) May 2006. 280 pps.

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U of A library lists it as an e-book and also on the shelf at Rutherford.  https://search.library.ualberta.ca/catalog/8718637. No pdf version. Scroll to pps 15-38 for my co-authored chapter “Thematic Introduction” & to pps 69-94 for my chapter “Cosmopolitan elites versus nationally-focused citizens” here:  https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=Gordon+Laxer+%2B+Not+for+Sale.+Decommodifying+Public+Life&btnG=



Note: Pages are missing in many places. I am looking for the full version. Stay tuned.

17.  "Surviving the Americanizing New Right" [Peer-Reviewed Article]
The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology
37.1 2000

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18.  "Opposition to Continental Integration: Sweden and Canada" [Peer-Reviewed Article]
Review of Constitutional Studies
Vol. II, No. 2, 1995

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19. Constitutional Crises and Continentalism: Twin Threats to Canada's Continued Existence 
[Peer-Reviewed Article]
Canadian Journal of Sociology
17 (2): 1992, 199-222


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20. Progressive Inter-nationalist nationalisms: The Return of Transformative, anti-imperialist traditions [Editor reviewed]
in Trevor H
arrison and Slobadan Drakulic eds., Against Orthodoxy: Studies in Nationalism
Vancouver, UBC Press, 2011
Pps 290-313

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21. Energy Security for Canada [Editor reviewed chapter]
in Cy Gonick (ed.), Energy Security and Climate Change
Halifax: Fernwood Books. October 2007. pp. 89-96.

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22. Act or Be Acted Upon. The Case for Phasing Out Alberta's Sands [Peer reviewed Report]
Green paper prepared for the Alberta Institute of Agrologists
March 16, 2017

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23. Distinct Status for Québec 
Constitutional Forum Constitutionnel
Vol. 3, No. 3, Winter 1992, pp. 57-61

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24. Alternatives to Secession [Peer-Reviewed Article]
Review of Constitutional Studies. Vol. 7, No. 1&2, 2002. 272-293.
Peer reviewed

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